Boys Birthday Cakes

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Boys Birthday Cakes

  • Paw Patrol Cake

    This canine-themed cake is perfect for fans of Paw Patrol, complete with lollipops, rainbow-coloured icing and the main cast decorating the colourful peak. This massive cake can save a birthday party from boredom; so just call the Paw Patrol for help!

  • Snow White Large Sponge Cake

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest cake of them all? A Victoria sponge is good, but this Snow White sponge is what I want for pud! With icing white as snow and berries red as blood, this white chocolate adorned cake is light, indulgent, and probably best kept away from your stepmother.

  • Versace Cake

    Bold, Italian-inspired, and beloved by the Nouveau Riche, the Versace brand is popular across the world, and we wanted to pay homage to this fashion icon with our own masterpiece! Indulgent, ostentatious, and crusted in more crystals than anyone needs, this massive three-tiered cake is perfect for the fashionista in your life.

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