Celebration Cakes

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Celebration Cakes

  • Black & Gold King Cake

    With sweet, velvety icing and indulgent sponge, this elaborate three-tier cake is perfect for the king or queen in your life! Alternatively, host your own coronation with the edible crown topper and rule over a big slice of land for a day. The rich black and bright gold colour scheme is as luxurious as it is tasty, so dig into a regal slice today!

  • Blooming Flower Pot Cake

    Our blooming flower pot cake is moist vanilla sponge cake, covered in our famous whipped cream with topped with blooming edible flowers in pastel shades and pretty violet bows! £69.00

  • Blue B-Day Cake

    Choc-full of sweets, cookies and candy bars, the Blue B-day Cake is perfect for birthdays and colourful parties alike with its customisable message board! The soft sponge base is topped with rich blue icing, and frosted with milk chocolate before the toppings are added to create an unforgettable centrepiece that won’t leave you feeling blue.

  • Blue BFF Cake

    Show your best friend how much they mean to you with this glossy blue BFF cake, complete with love heart decorations and a fluffy sponge base. Your friendship might stand the test of time, but this tasty treat sure won’t!

  • Blue Birthday Cake

    This white and sky-blue sponge cake is lighter than air and sweeter than sunshine! With a light vanilla sponge, fresh whipped cream and bright blue decorations, this is perfect for birthdays and parties alike. The chocolate message board is customisable, so you can write whatever you want for the special someone receiving it!

  • Chanel Cake

    From Haute Couture to Haute Cuisine, our specialty Chanel Cake is simple, luxurious and delicious. A wise woman once said, “you can’t go wrong with a little black dress” and we’ve always believed that ‘you can’t go wrong with a little bit of cake’.

  • Chocolate Christmas Cake

    Who needs a white Christmas when you can have a chocolate one! This festive chocolate sponge is dusted in delicate flakes of milk chocolate, adorned with candy canes and chocolate penguins, and topped with oodles of rich chocolate icing. There’s enough chocolate here to keep you satisfied until New Year’s Eve! (probably)

  • Chocolate Reese’s Cake

    Pieces and pieces of Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter sweets adorn this rich and nutty American-inspired chocolate cake! If you like the famous American sweets, then you’re going to love this cake, from the tip of the chocolate and biscuit decorations to the rich cocoa cake base. If not, then nuts to you!

    WARNING: Product contains nuts. Yes, really.

  • Christmas Cake

    Order your Christmas Cake with Cake Away for this 25 december and feel free to come back for seconds – lunch lady Doris can’t stop you now! Made with proper short-crust pastry, raspberry jam and plenty of cornflakes, as well as a generous helping of custard, this’ll send you off down memory lane before you can say “back in my day…”

  • Christmas Gift Cake

    Unwrap this sweet gift, and tuck in to a real treat of soft sponge, rich chocolate bars and a surprise (a Kinder Surprise, that is). Ideal for small parties, or as a gift on its own, this cake comes with a customisable chocolate message board, so you can dedicate it to the season or a special someone.

  • Coco Chanel Birthday Cake

    In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different’ – Coco Chanel. What better way to say Happy Birthday then with our Chanel cupcakes. Handcrafted cupcakes finished off with Chanel decor £120

  • Count Down Cake

    The perfect cake for your favourite golden oldie, this light sponge cake is frosted with gold icing, ringed with molten milk chocolate and topped with chocolate pieces for a showy centrepiece. Ideal for milestone birthdays, you can even swap out the candles for your number of choice to keep the ’21 today’ song going forever.

  • Custom Cake

    Cards are so old-hat, so why not send a message in style with our customisable cakes? With a Victoria Sponge-style base and customisable chocolate message-board, you can turn this blank slate into a house-warming gift, birthday present and more! Just include your personal message when ordering, and you’ve got more options than there are calories in this caky messenger.

  • Delicious Chocolate Fudge Cake

    It’s Christmas all year round at Cakeaway. Our delicious chocolate fudge cake, topped with our green grinch cream, sprinkles, edible gifts and candy canes what better way to say merry Christmas all year round serving size – serves up to 30 people £95

  • Dinosaur Birthday Cake

    This Jurassic-sized birthday cake is sure to delight kids and palaeontologists alike, with two layers of rich sponge soil, custom dinosaur figurine decorations and a show-stopping T-Rex topper! If you bring this to the party, you’ll have to dig out the cake slice and excavate a piece of this cretaceous cake before it goes the way of the dodos!

  • Drip Cake

    Our cocoa-coated Drip Cake is baked with care and drizzled with molten chocolate before topping with fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for an indulgent delight. Perfect for chocolate lovers, parties and events, this cake comes with a chocolate message-board for your choice of message.

  • Famous Kinder Cake

    Our famous kinder cake. Our moist Chocolate cake covered in our famous Cakeaway cream, drizzled with milk Belgian chocolate topped with everything kinder and finished with our personalised message plaques £37.99

  • Famous Nutella Cake

    Our famous Nutella cake. Our moist chocolate fudge cake coated in our famous Nutella whipped cream topped with a selection of chocolates, and finished off with a personalized message plaque £65

  • Frozen Cake

    Inspired by the famous Disney animated movie, this mountain of cake and icing is so tasty you’ll struggle to Let It Go after just one slice. The sponge cake base is as soft as fresh snow, the lollipops are harder than ice, and the genuine Disney figurines are cold as plastic, because they are. Perfect for little princesses, ice queens and musical lovers alike, this frosty delight is a great centrepiece for birthdays, parties or movie marathons.

  • Gender Reveal Cake

    Is it a boy or is it a girl? Our amazing gender reveal cakes can be personalized to your liking for an additional charge. These cakes are covered in our famous whipped cream and topped with baby shower decor £65

  • Gift-Wrapped Christmas Cake

    Treat yourself to a big gift this Christmas with the Cake Away Gift-Wrapped Christmas Cake! Tuck in to the candy canes, sweets and treats, and cut through the royal icing ribbon to find a luxurious two-layer sponge cake under wraps. Not to boast, but this cake might be the best gift you unwrap this year.

  • Giraffe Number One Cake

    It may seem like a tall order to find the perfect cake for your number one friend, but it’s not so complicated when you’ve spotted the right design. This Giraffe-themed cake is coated in royal icing for bold colours, a clean spotty design and deliciously moist sponge, so why not treat your biggest pal with this animal-themed treat?

  • Grinch Birthday Cake

    If you’re green, grumpy and don’t care for Christmas, then this is the cake for you! With two layers of sponge cake, bright green icing and plenty of sweets, this is ideal for mid-winter birthdays and avocado-coloured recluses alike.

  • Happy Birthday Cupcakes

    Happy birthday cupcakes selection. Topped with our famous whipped cream, and finished off with our finest melted Belgian white chocolate and happy birthday decor £26.99

  • Happy Holiday Cake

    For all your non-denominational cake needs, our Happy Holidays cake is packed full of all the chocolate, sponge cake and candy you could ever need to see you through the holiday period! The rich chocolate icing, soft sponge cake and penguin and candy cane decorations are as delicious as they are generic, so you can dedicate this delight to whatever you want.

  • Hershey’s Cake

    When you’ve got a hankering for chocolate cake, but fancy something a little more continental, this candy-bar topped double-decker from across the pond is sure to satisfy! Topped with whole Hershey’s chocolate bars and Oreo cookies, this super sponge cake is the ultimate American cocoa experience.

  • High Life Cake

    Our popular ‘high life’ cake is a delicious moist chocolate brownie sponge cake shaped in the shape of a friendly leaf with two eyes, a friendly smile and a cigarette £85


    Show someone you love them this valentines with our medium cakes to serve up to 2 people, topped with our famous house cream, valentines decoration and a message plaque with the message ‘I love you’

  • Kinder Cake

    This Kinder cake is just Bueno! Sweet white chocolate icing, soft sponge cake and tons of Kinder goodies on top, like Kinder Bueno Bars, Kinder eggs and more make this an unmissable cocoa confection. This cake is perfect for that special person with a massive sweet tooth, or a big party of candy connoisseurs.

  • Laptop Style Cake

    For that tech-savvy friend you can’t pry away from a screen, our luscious laptop-shaped cake is sure to delight! With a big rice-paper message board, you can program this cake with a message of your choice, and leave plenty of room on the motherboard for the mother of all computer cakes.

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