Christmas Cakes

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Christmas Cakes

  • Blue BFF Cake

    Show your best friend how much they mean to you with this glossy blue BFF cake, complete with love heart decorations and a fluffy sponge base. Your friendship might stand the test of time, but this tasty treat sure won’t!

  • Chocolate Christmas Cake

    Who needs a white Christmas when you can have a chocolate one! This festive chocolate sponge is dusted in delicate flakes of milk chocolate, adorned with candy canes and chocolate penguins, and topped with oodles of rich chocolate icing. There’s enough chocolate here to keep you satisfied until New Year’s Eve! (probably)

  • Christmas Cake

    Order your Christmas Cake with Cake Away for this 25 december and feel free to come back for seconds – lunch lady Doris can’t stop you now! Made with proper short-crust pastry, raspberry jam and plenty of cornflakes, as well as a generous helping of custard, this’ll send you off down memory lane before you can say “back in my day…”

  • Christmas Gift Cake

    Unwrap this sweet gift, and tuck in to a real treat of soft sponge, rich chocolate bars and a surprise (a Kinder Surprise, that is). Ideal for small parties, or as a gift on its own, this cake comes with a customisable chocolate message board, so you can dedicate it to the season or a special someone.

  • Gift-Wrapped Christmas Cake

    Treat yourself to a big gift this Christmas with the Cake Away Gift-Wrapped Christmas Cake! Tuck in to the candy canes, sweets and treats, and cut through the royal icing ribbon to find a luxurious two-layer sponge cake under wraps. Not to boast, but this cake might be the best gift you unwrap this year.

  • Grinch Birthday Cake

    If you’re green, grumpy and don’t care for Christmas, then this is the cake for you! With two layers of sponge cake, bright green icing and plenty of sweets, this is ideal for mid-winter birthdays and avocado-coloured recluses alike.

  • Happy Holiday Cake

    For all your non-denominational cake needs, our Happy Holidays cake is packed full of all the chocolate, sponge cake and candy you could ever need to see you through the holiday period! The rich chocolate icing, soft sponge cake and penguin and candy cane decorations are as delicious as they are generic, so you can dedicate this delight to whatever you want.

  • Penguins & Gifts Christmas Cake

    Looks like Santa’s little helpers have been replaced with penguins this year! This classic sponge cake is gift-wrapped in ribbons and topped with a whole parcel of penguins with plenty of gifts for you, your friends and family to eat and enjoy.

  • Santa Cake

    With rich milk chocolate icing and a generous frosting of sweet white chocolate, you’ll be walking in the air after a helping of this snowy coloured treat! Inspired by the classic 1982 film, we’ve dusted off our chocolate modelling kit to make this tasty tribute, perfect for nostalgic oldies and Christmas parties.

  • Santa Sponge Cake

    Bring old Saint Nick to your party with our Father Christmas cake, topped by Santa himself! This seasonal sponge is topped with your choice of cream or milk chocolate icing, chocolate trees, penguins, presents, and plenty of sweets for all the good girls and boys, as well as a Kinder Santa figure for all your festive sweet needs.

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