Dipped Strawberry

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Dipped Strawberry

  • Belgian Dipped Chocolate Strawberry’s

    Our famous Belgian dipped chocolate strawberry’s. Freshly picked and hand dipped by our fully trained chocolatiers, topped of with our hand crafted chocolate decor served in a gift box. £12.99

  • Birthday Dipped Strawberries

    Birthday dipped strawberries. What better way to say happy birthday then with a selection of hand picked strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate by our fully trained chocolatiers, complete with birthday decor presented in a gift box £23.99

  • Chanel Cake

    From Haute Couture to Haute Cuisine, our specialty Chanel Cake is simple, luxurious and delicious. A wise woman once said, “you can’t go wrong with a little black dress” and we’ve always believed that ‘you can’t go wrong with a little bit of cake’.

  • Christmas Dipped Strawberries

    Christmas Dipped Strawberries 🍓- £14.99 per plate of 4 – delicious strawberries covered in Rich Belgian Chocolate and finished in edible handmade Christmas Decor!

  • Strawberries & Cream Cake

    Famous at Wimbledon and delicious anywhere, strawberries and cream are best eaten together, or – even better – in a cake! This sweet and creamy delight is packed full of rich cream and sweet strawberries for a real taste of British Summertime, available to order anytime.

  • White Chanel Wedding Cake

    High fashion and high baking come together in this towering cake inspired by the famous fashion house of Chanel. The perfectly white cream is complemented with drizzles of white chocolate, silver baubles, yellow roses and white chocolate coated strawberries. It may look like the perfect accessory to your white dress, but it’s so tasty you might not fit in it afterwards 😋