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  • Afternoon Tea

    Perfect for a dignified tea-time or mid-day snack, our Afternoon Tea package comes with freshly baked scones, raspberry preserve, Roddas Cornish clotted cream and fresh strawberries.

    All you need is a butler, and you’ve got a high society tea party at your doorstep in minutes – how terribly delightful!

  • Belgian Dipped Chocolate Strawberry’s

    Our famous Belgian dipped chocolate strawberry’s. Freshly picked and hand dipped by our fully trained chocolatiers, topped of with our hand crafted chocolate decor served in a gift box. £12.99

  • Birthday Dipped Strawberries

    Birthday dipped strawberries. What better way to say happy birthday then with a selection of hand picked strawberries dipped in Belgian chocolate by our fully trained chocolatiers, complete with birthday decor presented in a gift box £23.99

  • Black & Gold King Cake

    With sweet, velvety icing and indulgent sponge, this elaborate three-tier cake is perfect for the king or queen in your life! Alternatively, host your own coronation with the edible crown topper and rule over a big slice of land for a day. The rich black and bright gold colour scheme is as luxurious as it is tasty, so dig into a regal slice today!

  • Blooming Flower Pot Cake

    Our blooming flower pot cake is moist vanilla sponge cake, covered in our famous whipped cream with topped with blooming edible flowers in pastel shades and pretty violet bows! £69.00

  • Blue B-Day Cake

    Choc-full of sweets, cookies and candy bars, the Blue B-day Cake is perfect for birthdays and colourful parties alike with its customisable message board! The soft sponge base is topped with rich blue icing, and frosted with milk chocolate before the toppings are added to create an unforgettable centrepiece that won’t leave you feeling blue.

  • Blue BFF Cake

    Show your best friend how much they mean to you with this glossy blue BFF cake, complete with love heart decorations and a fluffy sponge base. Your friendship might stand the test of time, but this tasty treat sure won’t!

  • Blue Birthday Cake

    This white and sky-blue sponge cake is lighter than air and sweeter than sunshine! With a light vanilla sponge, fresh whipped cream and bright blue decorations, this is perfect for birthdays and parties alike. The chocolate message board is customisable, so you can write whatever you want for the special someone receiving it!

  • Chanel Cake

    From Haute Couture to Haute Cuisine, our specialty Chanel Cake is simple, luxurious and delicious. A wise woman once said, “you can’t go wrong with a little black dress” and we’ve always believed that ‘you can’t go wrong with a little bit of cake’.

  • Chocolate Christmas Cake

    Who needs a white Christmas when you can have a chocolate one! This festive chocolate sponge is dusted in delicate flakes of milk chocolate, adorned with candy canes and chocolate penguins, and topped with oodles of rich chocolate icing. There’s enough chocolate here to keep you satisfied until New Year’s Eve! (probably)

  • Chocolate Reese’s Cake

    Pieces and pieces of Reese’s chocolate and peanut butter sweets adorn this rich and nutty American-inspired chocolate cake! If you like the famous American sweets, then you’re going to love this cake, from the tip of the chocolate and biscuit decorations to the rich cocoa cake base. If not, then nuts to you!

    WARNING: Product contains nuts. Yes, really.

  • Christmas Cake

    Order your Christmas Cake with Cake Away for this 25 december and feel free to come back for seconds – lunch lady Doris can’t stop you now! Made with proper short-crust pastry, raspberry jam and plenty of cornflakes, as well as a generous helping of custard, this’ll send you off down memory lane before you can say “back in my day…”

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