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  • Drip Cake

    Our cocoa-coated Drip Cake is baked with care and drizzled with molten chocolate before topping with fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries for an indulgent delight. Perfect for chocolate lovers, parties and events, this cake comes with a chocolate message-board for your choice of message.

  • Frozen Cake

    Inspired by the famous Disney animated movie, this mountain of cake and icing is so tasty you’ll struggle to Let It Go after just one slice. The sponge cake base is as soft as fresh snow, the lollipops are harder than ice, and the genuine Disney figurines are cold as plastic, because they are. Perfect for little princesses, ice queens and musical lovers alike, this frosty delight is a great centrepiece for birthdays, parties or movie marathons.

  • Giant Cornflake Tart

    Our Giant Cornflake Tart is a super-sized serving of sugary nostalgia, with a short-crust case, raspberry jam and a heaping helping of cornflakes! Order this extra-large tart, and you’ll be the envy of the schoolyard (once you wipe the jam off your face).

  • Gift-Wrapped Christmas Cake

    Treat yourself to a big gift this Christmas with the Cake Away Gift-Wrapped Christmas Cake! Tuck in to the candy canes, sweets and treats, and cut through the royal icing ribbon to find a luxurious two-layer sponge cake under wraps. Not to boast, but this cake might be the best gift you unwrap this year.

  • Giraffe Number One Cake

    It may seem like a tall order to find the perfect cake for your number one friend, but it’s not so complicated when you’ve spotted the right design. This Giraffe-themed cake is coated in royal icing for bold colours, a clean spotty design and deliciously moist sponge, so why not treat your biggest pal with this animal-themed treat?

  • Graduation Cake

    For a mortarboard and certificate that’s a lot quicker, cheaper and tastier than the real deal, our Graduation Cake is the perfect celebration treat for the big day! With a luxurious sponge cake and edible decorations, your favourite ex-student is sure to love this.

  • Grinch Birthday Cake

    If you’re green, grumpy and don’t care for Christmas, then this is the cake for you! With two layers of sponge cake, bright green icing and plenty of sweets, this is ideal for mid-winter birthdays and avocado-coloured recluses alike.

  • Happy Holiday Cake

    For all your non-denominational cake needs, our Happy Holidays cake is packed full of all the chocolate, sponge cake and candy you could ever need to see you through the holiday period! The rich chocolate icing, soft sponge cake and penguin and candy cane decorations are as delicious as they are generic, so you can dedicate this delight to whatever you want.

  • Hershey’s Cake

    When you’ve got a hankering for chocolate cake, but fancy something a little more continental, this candy-bar topped double-decker from across the pond is sure to satisfy! Topped with whole Hershey’s chocolate bars and Oreo cookies, this super sponge cake is the ultimate American cocoa experience.

  • Individual Cornflake Tart

    Revisit your childhood with Cake Away’s twist on a school lunch classic, and feel free to come back for seconds – lunch lady Doris can’t stop you now! Made with proper short-crust pastry, raspberry jam and plenty of cornflakes, as well as a generous helping of custard, this’ll send you off down memory lane before you can say “back in my day…”

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