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  • Kinder Cake

    This Kinder cake is just Bueno! Sweet white chocolate icing, soft sponge cake and tons of Kinder goodies on top, like Kinder Bueno Bars, Kinder eggs and more make this an unmissable cocoa confection. This cake is perfect for that special person with a massive sweet tooth, or a big party of candy connoisseurs.

  • Laptop Style Cake

    For that tech-savvy friend you can’t pry away from a screen, our luscious laptop-shaped cake is sure to delight! With a big rice-paper message board, you can program this cake with a message of your choice, and leave plenty of room on the motherboard for the mother of all computer cakes.

  • Nutella Custom Cake

    The chocolate and hazelnut blended breakfast spread beloved by millions is now available on a custom Cake Away sponge! With genuine Nutella icing and a hazelnut-flavoured cake base, this customisable cake is welcome at any party (as long as you’re not allergic to nuts).

  • Only Fools and Horses Cake

    This lovely jubbly sponge cake won’t cost you too much bees and honey, and you get a free lolly with every slice! You can’t say fairer than that, so order up and tuck into this classic sponge dedicated to a classic series guvner. You don’t even need to get the Reliant out, coz we’ll have it over to you in a shake of a lambs tail.

  • Paw Patrol Cake

    This canine-themed cake is perfect for fans of Paw Patrol, complete with lollipops, rainbow-coloured icing and the main cast decorating the colourful peak. This massive cake can save a birthday party from boredom; so just call the Paw Patrol for help!

  • Penguins & Gifts Christmas Cake

    Looks like Santa’s little helpers have been replaced with penguins this year! This classic sponge cake is gift-wrapped in ribbons and topped with a whole parcel of penguins with plenty of gifts for you, your friends and family to eat and enjoy.

  • Santa Cake

    With rich milk chocolate icing and a generous frosting of sweet white chocolate, you’ll be walking in the air after a helping of this snowy coloured treat! Inspired by the classic 1982 film, we’ve dusted off our chocolate modelling kit to make this tasty tribute, perfect for nostalgic oldies and Christmas parties.

  • Santa Sponge Cake

    Bring old Saint Nick to your party with our Father Christmas cake, topped by Santa himself! This seasonal sponge is topped with your choice of cream or milk chocolate icing, chocolate trees, penguins, presents, and plenty of sweets for all the good girls and boys, as well as a Kinder Santa figure for all your festive sweet needs.

  • Santa’s Sponge Grotto Cake

    When you can’t bring your kids to the grotto, bring the grotto to them! This light Victoria sponge is filled with sweet jam and icing and topped with a mountain of penguins, presents and more than enough sugar to keep your little elves happy. Kick off your Christmas party in style with this masterpiece of seasonal baking!

  • Shimmer & Shine Cake

    Your wish is our command (as long as you wish for cake) with this genie-themed show-stopper from Cake Away! Complete with icing flowers, chocolate message-board and figurine of the titular genies, the Shimmer and Shine specialty cake is sure to make your birthday wishes come true!

  • Snow White Large Cake

    A lovely fresh cream cake made with fresh fruits. Topped with fresh seasonal berries and bows.

  • Snow White Large Sponge Cake

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fairest cake of them all? A Victoria sponge is good, but this Snow White sponge is what I want for pud! With icing white as snow and berries red as blood, this white chocolate adorned cake is light, indulgent, and probably best kept away from your stepmother.

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